Gallery Space

Nestled in the vibrant pulse of the world-renowned Tower Bridge district, Boomer Gallery stands as a beacon of artistic expression in London, UK. Framed by historical marvels and contemporary vibrancy, our gallery offers a compelling blend of London's rich heritage and its dynamic present.

Adjacent to architectural masterpieces such as The Shard, Tower Bridge, and London Bridge, Boomer Gallery dwells at the intersection of London's illustrious history and its thriving, energetic present.

Our venue embraces London's distinct architectural lineage with its classic Victorian brick walls. Complementing this time-honoured aesthetic is a private bar, exclusively accessible to our patrons, lending an added layer of sophistication to our unique space. This fusion of past and present creates an atmosphere as varied and unique as London itself – a testament to the city's unmatched diversity.

Situated in one of the globe's most frequented locations, Boomer Gallery provides an exceptional stage for showcasing contemporary art. Amidst an ambiance steeped in charm and creativity, experience the enthralling blend of art and history at our Tower Bridge gallery.

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